Malala, Natural Bar Soap, tradionally processed with hand. It's detergent free, paraben free. Contains 35% shea butter and also cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and calendula to moisturising and softening skin. The scent is irrestible! Scented with fresh peach fragrance with citrus notes, and white musk.

5 Things You Should Know About Our Bar Soaps: 

  1. 100% hand-cutted, every piece of it is unique. It may has different pattern and asymetric. Jadi kamu setiap piecenya potongannya berbeda :)
  2. 100% handmade with traditional way to preserving its natural goodness for you
  3. Palm-free! Formulated with 35% shea butter. Producing very hard bar and highly moisturizing
  4. Sold by weight, choose the weight by yourself. Kamu bisa pilih sendiri beratnya loh karena ada lebih dari 3 ukuran berat yang berbeda :D
  5. No harsh chemicals, no detergent, no parabens

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Posted on 03/28/2016 Home 1216